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Big amethyst, opalite and pentacle bookmark

Big amethyst, opalite and pentacle bookmark

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A big witchy bookmark for your grimoire

A delicate bookmark to make each moment of reading perfect! This stunning bookmark will be a piece of real jewelry for your favorite book, and a source of inspiration if you are journaling.  

Put the feather, detailed on both sides, in your book to mark your page, and let it outside the chain, embellished with 9 amethyst and opalite beads and a pentacle charm. The pentacle symbolizes the five elements united (air, water, earth, fire, and ether).

Dimensions :
Feather : 11.5 cm - 4.52 in
Chain, beads, and charm part: 11 cm - 4.33 in
7 mm - 0,27 in inside the bend, at the ring level (check your book spine).

The bookmark is decorated with 4mm aventurine and lava rock beads.

Amethyst is the perfect crystal to improve your divination skills and connect with your intuition. This stone helps to enhance spiritual awareness, bring wisdom, and calm the mood. As amethyst can bring you peace and calm your mood, if you feel anxious or angry, amethyst definitely can help you with that. With the calming effect, amethyst is a perfect gemstone for reiki practitioners. It is believed that amethyst can help to make deep dreams and help to avoid nightmares. That's how I use it and I am personally really happy with the result. Did you know that amethyst was worn by pharaohs and bishops? With all the amazing properties of this crystal, it's not so surprising!

Opalite will boost your power. The opalite is a synthetic gemstone, made of quartz and glass, and is often used in feng shui to equilibrate the energies.

Give this bookmark to a loved one, or choose it as a gift for you. Made with love, it will be the perfect addition to your grimoire, gratitude journal, book of shadows, or self-care journal.

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Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings. As well, please note that this is a handmade product: the item you will receive can slightly differ from the one in the pictures (but will always be as beautiful!).

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