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Obsidian moon and stars, morganite and onyx stainless steel Night queen necklace

Obsidian moon and stars, morganite and onyx stainless steel Night queen necklace

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This necklace will shine as a stary night

This necklace is a piece from my Rêveries collection: a collection of fine, delicate jewelry created to make you feel like the queen you are! Inspired by 18th-century art, palaces, and history, but also fairy tales and fantasy novels, these pieces are crafted with the most exquisite gemstones.
You'll receive your rêverie necklace in an elegant black box, keeping it safe, and ready to gift to someone special. Crafted with the best materials, these pieces of jewelry are made of gemstones selected with the highest care, and stainless steel: this material will never tarnish, rust, or dent and is completely hypoallergenic.
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This cute and sweet necklace features a stunning crescent Moon, and two stars, made of obsidian. The whole necklace is adorned with onyx and morganite beads. Alternating 4 mm and 2 mm faceted beads, this necklace also has some stainless steel beads to create texture and interest in the whole pattern, and highlight the contrast between the black onyx and the sweet shades of pink and blue of morganite. The more you look at it, the more details you notice. Even the extender chain is finished with a tiny star to complete this celestial necklace a fairy tale princess could wear!

The association of obsidian, onyx, and morganite is perfect to see the truth and move forward on the spiritual path while feeling safe and grounded. Discover more about these gemstone properties below.

The necklace measures 41 to 46 cm (16.14 to 18.11 in), adjustable with the extender chain. The obsidian Moon crescent is 3.4 cm on 3 cm (1.33 on 1.18 in). The stars are 1.5 cm tall and wide (0.59 in).

Obsidian is a perfect choice for grounding. It also gives strong psychic protection. That's a reason why obsidian is often used for divination and astral traveling purposes. This volcanic stone absorbs negative energies. You may know it as the "truth stone" because obsidian can help you to see the truth in yourself, and others. it's connected to the root chakra.

Morganite is a specific kind of pink Beryl. This gemstone has delicate and soft colors, from pink to blue. Morganite encourages love and self-love. This crystal promotes action and joyful-oriented thoughts. If we feel blocked in our spiritual development, Morganite helps us identify the reasons (lack of openness, of attention to the messages of the soul, repressed emotions...) to move forward and evolve. When feeling some resistance to a self-healing process, the Morganite is a great gemstone to ease it and go ahead. For these reasons, Morganite is a valuable gemstone for anyone on a spiritual path.
Morganite is linked to the Heart chakra, the element of Water, and the Zodiac signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus

Onyx is amazing for protection and grounding. The first thing to know about onyx is that this stone absorbs negative energy, acting as a shield to protect you. This gemstone will help you to assert yourself. Onyx will bring you strength and physical energy. It's also a good stone to focus, and for decision-making. That's why onyx can improve your productivity. Onyx is linked to the root chakra.

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings. As well, please note that gemstones are truly unique: the necklace you will receive can slightly differ from the one in the pictures (but will always be as beautiful!).
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