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Teardrop Iron Pyrite gemstone and stainless steel necklace

Teardrop Iron Pyrite gemstone and stainless steel necklace

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A big pyrite necklace to wear every day

Made with a thick stainless steel chain and a massive pyrite stone, this necklace will become your favorite piece of jewelry to wear everyday. On the outside, the elegant lines of the teardrop pendant will add style to your outfit, while on the inside, the properties of this fascinating gemstone will bring you perception and enhance your intellect.

The pyrite, or Iron pyrite, is a protective stone, that acts as a shield. Stone of intellect, the pyrite helps us see the solutions we are looking for. But the pyrite power acts even deeper than that, as this gemstone helps us perceive our potential and self-worth. The pyrite is an ally for anyone working on intellectual matters or looking for more positivity. Helping us get rid of feeling inadequate, this stone is a tool to create our happiness.
The pyrite is linked to the elements of Earth and Fire, the Zodiac sign of Leo, and the third eye chakra.

The necklace length is 50 to 55 cm (19.68 to 21.65 in) and you can adjust it as you like with the extender chain. If you need another size, I'll be happy to adapt the necklace to your neck.
The pyrite gemstone pendant is 4.5 cm on 3.5 cm (1.77 on 1.37 in).
The necklace weighs 50 grams.

Because of the concentration of Iron in pyrite, water isn't recommended for cleansing: water could lower the vibration of the gemstone, and even make it rust in some spots. Salt, smoke, and any other cleansing process of your choice would work perfectly.

Colors may slightly differ regarding your monitor settings. As well, please note that gemstones are truly unique: the item you will receive can slightly differ from the one in the pictures (but will always be as beautiful!).
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