About The French Witch Shop

"I can do it, I can create my magical shop"
"Yeah totally! Do it!"
"Yes! I'll do!"

This "Yes", without questioning myself a million times, was a first to me.

When you walk along Venice canals, each house is unique, original, beautiful in its own way. These houses are not built to fit with others, but together, they form the most delicious place.

So, maybe it was because of the lovely walk, the encouragement from my dear friend, or the inspiration I had from seeing people following their passion... this day, I was finally ready to make the best decision in my life.

Venice canals
And, for the first time, I was making a decision with my heart, my guts, and my intuition, deciding to not compromise any part of what I am. I wasn't trying to fit a box too small for me, I was finally thinking outside of it.

But... what was different about me on this day? Was it self-love? Confidence? Sorcery?

The truth is all of them. Witchcraft was always a part of my life, but years of frustration, unhappiness, and melancholy gave me enough examples to show that it's not the answer to everything. You can have tons of books, candles everywhere, began writing your book of shadows, and still feel stuck.

Book of spells Paige Cody

So, what's this big secret?

The secret, the huge difference which made me this day choose myself, being brave enough to give the best I can, and choosing to be unapologetically happy, was witchcraft indeed. But not as a part of my life, not as something I would invite in my life only on sabbats, for morning prayer, or for an occasion I would have planned. I decided that witchcraft was for me not a practice, but a way of life. Instead of having one delimited altar, my whole place would become one. Rather than setting a specific time for a ritual, my whole routine, every action in this physical world, would become a ceremony.

And that's the secret: magick isn't just in the moment when you light a candle, meditate on an intention, or choose a gemstone to place on your altar. Magick is absolutely everywhere, even when you are doing your groceries, joining your colleagues for a weekly meeting, or cooking your favorite meal.

When you decide to breathe magick, everything becomes clearer, easier, deeper.

And that's what my creations are about: giving you this reminder that you are definitively magickal every second of your life, no matter what you are doing or thinking.

I am here to provide you something to feel your power all the time: the pendulum to reach your higher self whenever you want, the obsidian necklace to protect your energy while you are commuting, the quartz earrings to remind you of the powerful witch you are when you are looking at yourself in the mirror.

the french witch occult jewelry

Once you decide to invite completely magick into your life, everything changes. Reaching that isn't the goal: it's the beginning of a new, beautiful story, going way further than everything you could imagine before.

So, will you say yes?